I would have to say, one thing I truly hate shopping for is jeans. It's never a fun experience! I always end up leaving a store after trying on like 10 pairs, empty handed and feeling like I need to go straight to the gym! But thanks to Express, this isn't an issue for me anymore! Just a quick note that this is not a sponsored post, this is just a genuine review of why I think their jeans are so amazing!

I actually had my first retail job ever at Express back during senior year in high school and ever that job, I've fallen in love with their jeans! They fit me absolutely perfectly and they offer so many different fits and rises for each body type. I have friends that are athletic builds, skinny builds and curvy and we all agree that we only wear Express denim and pretty much swear by their jeans. 

So why do I like their jeans so much? Like I said, they have so many different fits and rises. I particularly love their mid-rise and high-rise jeans. It covers everything up and I don't have to worry about a "muffin top" effect at all. Their jeans also run in regular length, short and tall. So, no matter what height you are, they probably have your length! Besides that, they have your so many fits. All the way from skinny to legging, boyfriend, girlfriend, and flare.  Their styles are also so cute! Check out the pair I have on in my  post. (pictured below too). I'm having such a moment with ripped jeans right now.   Finally, the fabric of all of their jeans are beyond comfy and sometimes I forget I'm even wearing jeans! NEVER thought I would say that when it comes to denim. 

The best part, they are beyond affordable! Express is always running promotions so I never pay full price for their denim. 10/10 would recommend for the price, fit and fashion!

What else do you want to see me review? I'm thinking of sharing my thoughts, good and bad with my daily products that I use! For now, see below to shop a few pairs of jeans that I own and a few that I have in my cart to buy next from Express! Xx, J.


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