I believe, what is in your handbag (manbag) can make you life 100% easier. Since moving to NYC, I think I've found it essential to carry around everything I might need in a day to prepare me for any situation. I felt it was only necessary to share my secrets and hope you can pick up a few to make your life easier. Let me know what you have in your bag, am I missing something?! 

So this doesn't really fit in my handbag, but with my Bluetooth headphones, I can easily listen and I truly can't stop listening to 4:44 by Jay-Z. 

I swear by these hair ties because they leave NO crease in your hair. Ladies, how do you not own? 

This charger cord is my fav to carry to have on my desk at work or plug into at drybar. It lasts forever because the cord is wrapped in fabric. 

Love love love these Beats Bluetooth Wireless headphones. So easy and makes life hands-free!

This portable charger is my LIFE SAVER. Literally. Only need this, no cord necessary. It usually can last me up to 4 full charges. A must. 

I always have a book with me and this is my current read! Review to come, amazing so far! Also #13 in Amazon books. 

The world's best hand lotion. Need I say more? 

I hate when my lips are dry and this moisterizing lip treatment does the trick! 

Love these on the go Advil Liqui-Gels. Just take one pack and you are set. Amazing for travels as well! Who knows when a headache or cramps will hit, but I'm always prepared. 

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