It's that time of year to start shopping for fall fashion! Only my fav fav fav season. But to better prepare, I always take time to reorganize and clean out my closet. I love having my closet organized and think it makes getting dressed every morning SO much easier! 

I just started using velvet hangers this past season and absolutely love them. They keep my closet slim (adding more room for more clothes, yay!) and also prevent my clothes from getting hanger wrinkles. So it's just a win-win. To organize my shoes, I've fallen in love with everything at The Container Store. Their "Our Shoe Box" has literally changed my organized life. They fit a pair of shoes perfectly and even sandals I can fit two pairs in. They are clear making it easy to see every pair all the time and super affordable! 

So here are some tips! 

- Organize your clothes in color order, just like the rainbow. It makes looking for that long sleeve blue shirt so much easier when your alarm goes off at 6am

- Within each color, organize by style. I love starting on the left with my bulky, long sleeves and as it gets to the right and end that color, with tanks and lighter clothing.

- Get rid of things you haven't worn in the past 6 months. The season is almost over, and if you haven't worn it all spring/summer, it's most likely you won't wear it next spring/summer. Make space for newness!

- Sell old or unwanted clothes! I love Poshmark and The Real Real (check out my closet for some inspiration)

How do you keep your closet organized? After a good cleanout, it's time for fall fashion shopping! So stay tuned ... 

The best hangers you could possibly buy!

 My FAV boxes to keep my shoes organized. 

My FAV boxes to keep my shoes organized. 

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