AMUR Dress $450 paired with Zara booties (owned) 

So I am trying out Rent the Runway Unlimited for the month and after one week of clothes, I can truly say I’m obsessed.

For a monthly fee of $139 plus sales tax (first month is $30 off with the below link), you can rent 3 pieces of clothing & accessories at a time and make as many exchanges as you would like. This cost includes free shipping both ways, dry cleaning, and the best, insurance.

I decided to try it out since your first month is $30 off and I have a wedding next month. My first delivery arrived in a garment bag, packaged nicely with the garments on hangers and two of the three pieces were new with tags. Score. I wore two dresses to work and one top out on Saturday night and got countless compliments. I love being able to wear something new and send it back before I get sick of it and have buyer’s remorse.

I’ve already “hearted” a TON of pieces on RTR unlimited for the remainder of my month and can’t wait to get each of them. Everything is super on trend and they have a huge offering of designers. Game changer for any girl. Let me know if you subscribe and your favorite piece so far! I’ll be posting more of my looks later on this week! Xox.

AMUR Dress $450 paired with Zara booties (owned) 

Get $30 off your first month! https://rtr.app.link/e/2OOr8EK6YF  

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